Meet Marianne Hiort af Ornäs

I discovered my passion for art during my teenage years and found my purpose in art school. With the transition into adult life, I fell into the routine of office work, which honestly seemed like it lasted a lifetime. Eventually, however, I reconnected with painting and re-embraced the relief it offered.

By using art as a means to express the unseen, my hobby evolved into serious work as I joined the local cultural association, started my company, and became a webmaster.

How it all began

My journey traces its roots back to a gorgeous villa adorned on all sides by a luscious garden. What I called my first home was a military zone on an island. Growing up, under the mentorship of my father, the Major, introduced versatility and discipline to my personality. Whereas, my mother, a blessed artist, had her ateljé at home and created some of the most wonderful illustrations for kids. Her artistic edge served as the foundation for my very own creative journey.

My surroundings as a young child were fortunate, privileged, and active with the cheers of playmates around. As life unfolded, I was struck by a bout of polio which led to me missing school quite a lot. The disease exhausted my strength making it hard to participate in activities with the other children. This was compounded by bullying, which left lasting scars.

This alienation during my early academic years sowed feelings of being different, and not fitting in like the rest of my playmates.

And thus, started my pursuit of self-identity – a quest that offered various epiphanies…

Not too late, I found that my worldview was rooted in my early programming. I relied on visualization, persistence, and self-discipline to overcome challenges, and utilized art as a medium for expression, feeling, and reflection.

My journey of personal development offered plenty of clarity regarding the workings of the unconscious mind and how human personality develops as a result of external influence during early childhood years. As an artist, my paintings let me shed past burdens simply by furthering my understanding of time and space.