Welcome to my website about my creation of art.

Statement: The first time I painted an underflow was in 1992, in which time and space did not exist – a feeling of achieving the impossible, looking down at my life from up high, free to soar the heavens, above the earth with all its problems and limitations. Seeing it from a higher perspective – one of freedom and joy. A tremendous relief from previously enforced restrictions: the bullying, the polio.

As a child, I had a bout of polio which left me with partial facial paralysis. This led to a sense of being different, an outsider. I was bullied, they wanted to see what I looked like when I cried. I grew into a shy, lonely teenager.

After many years I discovered that painting gave me a sense of identity, a means whereby to express my feelings.

My mission: I wanted to portray the timelessness of the soul by letting my image be reflected in different zeitgeists.

My vision: I want my art to be an eye-opener to the profundity of life, beyond space and time: a mystical message about deeper dimensions, an existence where all humans are as one, and that we belong together – a way out of loneliness and communal isolation.

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